Other Ranks 1856

This interesting print gives us much information about the new uniform worn post Crimea. On the right is a Colour-Sergeant who has the muzzle of his rifle tucked under his arm as he puts a bayonet in the scabbard next to his sword. This print is by E Gambart who produced a well known series of single figures around the time of the Crimean War. The first noticable thing about this picture is that his sash appears to be on the wrong shoulder but it is in fact correct for this short period. The following year it was changed to the other shoulder. See Guard Duty 1856. The other odd thing is that his tunic is buttoned over to the left. He must be 3rd Battalion because he has Crimean campaign medals on his chest.

The gold chevrons with the Colour badge superimposed tells us that he is a Colour-Sergeant although other ranks also used the Colour badge, Company Sergeant-Major, Quartermaster Sergeant and Drill Sergeant. His collar is blue and has no gold lace, also the cuff flap has white loops, not gold. The new tunic had blue flaps like the cuff, whereas on the old coatee they were red. Another change was that the buttons are now yellow metal; brass. His bearskin has been drawn rather small compared with photos. See Senior NCOs 1856.

The corporal, on the left, has gold chevrons which is incorrect as they should be white. The skirts of the tunic were quite flared at this time and we can see the white loops on the back of them. Both his knapsack and ammunition pouch have brass badges.

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