Senior NCOs 1856

The man on the left is a Colour-Sergeant. His three gold chevrons have a Guards pattern Colour badge superimposed on them. His collar and cuffs are decorated with white lace. The lace on his collar is half an inch wide whereas the print of a Colour-Sergeant shows white piping like the private. See Other Ranks 1856. The rounded front edge of the collar is very noticable, forming an open V shape. The cuff lace has spaces between the loops and there is much blue cloth showing through compared with later patterns of tunic. The flared skirt of the tunic is apparent here. His bearskin looks very tall and is well off his face. We can just see his sword which hangs from a white leather waistbelt.

The other man is a Battalion Sergeant-Major. He has the ornate coat-of-arms badge on his four gold chevrons which at this time was on both sleeves. The lace round his collar is gold as is the lace on his cuffs. There is also gold lace on his epaulettes. The more senior Regimental Sergeant-Major had more gold on the collar and cuffs.

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by Stephen Luscombe