Officer and Senior NCOs 1858

The seated officer is in a blue frock coat and crimson sash. He holds his covered forage cap in his lap and glances distractedly to one side. His less comfortable companions are, from the left, a Battalion Sergeant-Major with a large coat-of-arms badge on four chevrons. His collar is edged with gold lace but there is no gold lace underneath the silver grenade badge which would indicate the more senior Regimental Sergeant-Major. His epaulettes are edged with gold lace as is the top edge of his cuff. The cuff flaps of all three men have gold button loops.

The middle NCO is a Colour-Sergeant with the usual colour badge on his three gold chevrons. There is no gold on his collar nor round the top edge of his cuff. The third NCO is a drill sergeant with a similar arm badge but he does have gold lace on the top edge of his collar and cuff. All three wear the tall version of the forage cap with oilskin cover. They have no belts round their waist and no sashes over their right shoulder. The Sergeant-Major has a watch on a chain tucked into his tunic. Two of these men have a medal which is difficult to identify. They could be Crimean Medals but do not appear to have clasps on them. They are all well whiskered in the mid 19th century style.

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by Stephen Luscombe