Officer, Full Dress 1855

This photo was probably taken in 1856 when the regiment was back in England but the officer is showing the uniform worn prior to the Crimean War. By 1856 the waist length coatee had been replaced by a long skirted tunic. We can tell that this is a post-war photo as he is wearing his Crimea medals and he has a beard. The epaulettes have a silver grenade badge but we cannot see a rank badge which indicates that he is a junior officer. The sword-belt is held in place by his silk sash and the belt-plate displays the grenade badge. See Belt-Plates 1830-55 His bearskin has a gilt chin-chain and a white plume which, in the 1846 Dress Regulations is described as goat's hair, seven inches long. It does not look like goat hair.

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by Stephen Luscombe