Officer, 1845

This officer is wearing the undress frock coat which, with little alteration, survives for special occasions today. At this period it was normal everyday wear and remained so up until 1914. It is typical of the costume worn during the Crimean War of 1854-55. The forage cap is covered with an oiled-silk waterproof cover. The trousers are a very dark grey, almost black, and known as "Oxford mixture."

The sword is suspended by slings from a plain black leather waist belt, with a simple gilt snake fastening, which is worn over the crimson sash. The sword scabbard is apparently brass, which would denote a field officer, i.e. Major or above, and the brass spurs would confirm this.

Apart from the black lace frogging on the breast the costume, bearing in mind the period, does not seem unduly inappropriate for campaigning in a cold climate.

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by Stephen Luscombe