Officer c1835

This is a detail from one of the wonderful prints from Spooner's upright series published 1833-36. They are accurate renditions of the uniforms of the 1830s. This one shows an officer in white summer trousers and giving us an excellent view of the details on his coatee. See Officer's Coatee c1835. This coat replaced the two coats worn in the 1820s for full dress and undress. All officers and Other Ranks of the Foot Guards wore epaulettes in this period whatever their company. The officers had gold embroidered epaulettes. See Officer's Epaulettes c1835. The sword is held unsheathed in his left hand but the scabbard is slotted into a frog on his right suspended by a white leather sword-belt decorated by a regimental beltplate in the middle of his chest. See Officer's Beltplates 1830-55. The bearskin has the gilt plate at the front bearing the Royal coat-of-arms, the gold tassels on the right side and the white Grenadier plume on the left. There is a thin black leather chinstrap which was changed to a gilt chin-chain within a few years.

In the background can be seen mounted officers and the band with a Black Drummer.

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