Private's Coat c1826

It is very rare to see an actual garment worn by an ordinary soldier of this period. The plain white lace button loops cover the chest and must have been unpopular with the men as they were difficult to keep clean. From 1826 infantry private's coats had to have the lace loops 5.5ins long at the top and 2.5ins long at the bottom. The buttons are plain white metal, and evenly spaced for Grenadier Guards. The lace loops on the sleeve are narrower and placed on a red flap which is laid on the blue cuff. The blue collar is about 3 ins high and has a white worsted grenade badge either side. The shoulder wings indicate that this is a flank company coat but the edges of the wings should have large white padded crescents. See Officer and Private c1830 This style of coat was replaced around 1830 by a plainer one without the white lace loops on the chest, the lace round the collar and the padded wings.

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by Stephen Luscombe