Officer, 1808

The Officer of the Foot Guards in this colou'red engraving is wearing what . may be termed his No 2 coatee - the one worn on service. The full dress garment was much more profusely gold-laced.

The cocked hat with the white over red plume indicates that he belongs to a Centre Company, the Grenadier and Light Companies having white/green plumes and wings - not epaulettes - on the shoulders.

In dress uniform the black Hessian boots were replaced by long white gaiters reaching above the knee. On service the white breeches were replaced by grey or blue-grey breeches worn inside the boots, or overalls - so-called because they were worn over all, covering both breeches and boots. Soon these overalls were the sole garment as it became obvious that it was not necessary to wear the best breeches and boots concealed beneath them.

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by Stephen Luscombe