Private, Battalion Company 1742

From the Duke of Cumberland's 'Representation of the Cloathing of His Majesty's Household and all the Forces upon the Establishments of Great Britain and Ireland' generally referred to as the Cloathing Book. In comparing this image with the paintings of Bernard Lens in 1735, it is apparent that the cuffs are different in that the zigzag silver lace has been replaced by straight white lace following the edges of slash cuffs. The skirts of the coat are turned back, at the front and rear. The blue facings are darker than before but the lapels are similar, having evenly spaced buttons and loops. The belts are arranged in the same way, but in the case of this man his pouch is for ammunition, not grenades.

The turned back coat skirts reveal a red waistcoat, made from a re-cycled coat, and blue breeches. The grenadier companies wore the tall pointed cap but this man is in the battalion company and wears a tricorn hat with an edge of white lace and a black cockade on the left side. His hair would be powdered on parade but is not so here.

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by Stephen Luscombe